Prayer List

Families of:

Mitchel Breedlove

Troy Parrish

Anne Russel Fogleman

Neil Arrington

Benny Inman

Steven Hoosier

Pat Richardson

Roger Eggart- Erika’s Family

Erma Scarlett

Harry Kassel

Steve Campbell

Nancy Sharp

Ralph Modlin

Prayer Requests:

The Nation as a whole, and our leaders- to make wise and prudent decisions related to our current situations.

Traveling Mercies

Covid in our schools- Students, teachers, administration, support staff

Mid-South Tornado victims

Cindy Russell and Family- Covid in household

Vernell Hurley- Van’s Mother- Health concerns

Turner Family

Linda Zimmerman- Cancer Diagnosis

Harrel Hamilton- Car accident because of health issues

Gail Joiner-Cancer diagnosis

Nancy Fuller- blood clots in both lungs

Krissy Toomes- Recovering from procedure

Phyllis Haithcock

Finn- Linda Lea’s family friend- cancer diagnosis.

John Ackerman- throat cancer- awaiting specialist visit for treatment plan

Ashely Shaver- hit by a car- hospitalized

Van Hurley- Knee Replacement surgery-recovering at home

Michael Bailey- David Buchanan’s neighbor- heart issues- hospitalized  

Agnes Price- Ed Johnson’s sister- health issues

Bill Lineberry- Recovering following surgery

Judy Brown – recovering from procedure

Eric Booth- Reoccurrence of previous medical conditions-doing better

Kindal Garcia- Lymphoma

Levi Lusk- 10 tears old- tree accident- Brenner’s- multiple injuries

Eric Hill- Cancer treatments to start

Ronnie York- Recovering from surgery- beginning chemo

George Winters

Holly Dixon- stroke

Baby Emerson- Home following OHS

Angel Sterling- Single congenital kidney- infection- at Children’s Baltimore

Jim McCarson- Back issues

Carrol Fowler- Liver Cancer diagnosis

David Caughron – Continued issues related to diabetes

Judy Kassel

Steve Williams- Health Concerns

Abby Heaton- Awaiting results

Noah Skeen- Breathing Issues

Odell Lambeth- Bladder Cancer, Dementia,

Lela McCaskill- cancer surgery went well, recovering

Betty Campbell- Ongoing health issues

Brenda Finely- Knee Surgery

James Killian- Cancer Diagnosis

Wanda Hilton- Platelet counts down, procedure after the first of the year

Bobby Barker- amputation of leg – niece Karen (caretaker)

Bill Bunting- recovering at home

Ester Highlee- 101 years young- Fall resulting in broken shoulder and pelvis- ready

John McWilliam- Mesothelioma DX, surgery/chemo to come

Sandra Texley- Breast Cancer

Cindy Hood- eye cancer- pancreatic cancer

Ann Hunt-

Beth Lawrance- Lung Cancer

Mike Vondra- Cancer in nose- may have to be surgically removed

Cheryl Waymick- Cancer dx- chemo/radiation/surgery

Glen & Nancy Fuller- Cancer dx

Judy Smith- Chemo Treatments

Holland Walker

Gail Grace- Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis

Christy White- enduring treatments

Jake McLamb- Working in Italy for next 6 months

Michael Griffin- Cancer free

Jeffery Sivbit- Bone Cancer in spine

Betsy Arnold-fighting cancer- having complications

Billy Wooten- Dx with Leukemia

Cameron Williams- Stage 4 Cancer- spread from brain to liver and leg

Brenda Highfill- back and leg issues- cellulitis

Les Brown- stroke- paralyzed side- begun to recover, moved to rehab

Lori Lassiter- spot found on brain

Mary (Frankie) O’Neal

Jerry Straton- Cancer diagnosis- heart

Phillip Walker- brain tumor

Donna Brower- cancer

Don Taylor- Stage 4 esophageal & stomach cancer

Debbie Hammond- Stage four cancer treatment completed- in God’s hands

Unspoken/Anonymous Requests on hearts

All those who are sick, isolated, or recovering

Health Care Workers in the midst of the world as we know it today