Prayer List

Families of:

Roger Highfill

“Don” Clapp

Elmyra Brady

Jefferey Jones- Traffic Accident in Oak Ridge

Zach Williamson- Traffic Accident in Oak Ridge

Scott Burrow

Annette Odom- family friend of Pastor Joel’s family

Villano/Crawford Families- Dan River Tubing victims

Oscar Crotts

Dorothy Rummage

Jane Waller

Joan Haynes- Rev. Don Haynes’s wife

Keith Laughlin-

William “Philip” Pendry

Edna Lee Bame

Susan Whitt Collins

Shelda Baumgardner

Cathy York

Karen Millikan

Shane Riley- Fred Farabee’s sister’s son- only child

Sherrill Shaw

Clay Routh

Everett Henderson

Luke Smith- 16 passed as a result of suicide

Mike Strider

Sandy Bennet- MiL to Mark Strider- passed on way to Mark’s funeral

Charles Lewallen

Charles Bonkemeyer

Gene Smith- Jerry Highfill’s 1st cousin

David Moon

Scott Lineberry

Patsy Routh Clayburth

Bobby Gammons

Rodger Power

Georgina Wilson

Jack Stephens

Leonard Gray

Susan Helsabeck- Wife of pastor at Fairfield UMC on 62

Paul Shupe- Father of co-worker of David Caughron

Lester Eugene Davis

Tabitha Bivins

James “Jim” Ray Smith

Lisa Minder Hill

Richard Wray

Carlton Hill

Prayer Requests:

The Nation as a whole, and our leaders- to make wise and prudent decisions related to our current situations.

Traveling Mercies

Gail Grace- Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis

“K” Daniels

Brenda Lillard- fall-knee damaged-arthritis in hips

Johnny Smith – hospice called in

Wayne Coward- recovering

Alexandria Family- loss of 22-year-old sister unexpectedly

Fred Farabee- Cataract Surgery-went well

Judy Smith- Recovering from surgery

Sonny Smith- Small bleed on the brain- Resulting in Surgery

Christy White- enduring treatments

Miami Victims and Families

Barbara Jackson- recovering from procedure

Jake McLamb- Working in Italy for next 6 months

Lacy Shipwash- Surgery Wednesday

Darrel Griffin

Donnie Nease- recovering from surgery

Beulah Barbiee- Back issues- admitted to hospital

Alexis Goins- brain tumor removal- lots of pain

Michael Griffin- Stage 4 throat cancer- wife becoming caretaker

Annette de Ruyter- pacemaker surgery

Mr. McLoyd- Covid diagnosis with complications

Gayle Williams- mole biopsied

Tammy Glidewell- shingles diagnosis

Jeffery Sivbit- Bone Cancer in spine

Michelle Williams- grieving loss of 26-year-old son

Mike Bowden- growth found

Chase Burrow- recovering from procedure

McCarson Family- Lost first Cousin-

Corie Colum- PTSD- struggling

Charles Arnold- stroke

Betsy Arnold-fighting cancer- having complications

Billy Wooten- Dx with Leukemia

Baby Sawyer Mayberry- expected in June- heart condition found

Cameron Williams- Stage 4 Cancer- spread from brain to liver and leg

Amy Nickowski- Breast Cancer diagnosis- aggressive treatment

Cathy Atkins- Open Heart Surgery 5/6

Gloria Yarbough- cataract surgery, having difficulties following procedure

Maddille Mitchel- brain tumor removal

Erma Scarlet- moved facilities- adjustment issues

Pam Loftis- Kidney transplant-recovering at home

Dennis Johnson- medical concerns

Elaina Ann Millikan- born at 24 weeks concerns

Charles Beane- Rotator cuff surgery/possible shoulder replacement

Brenda Highfill- back and leg issues- cellulitis

Kaysen Layne Skeen- complications following birth- bronchitis

Ed Tanzman- fall resulting in back injury

Brian Kincaid- Caring for parents- having hard time

Jimmy and Judy Kincaid- Judy- heart surgery went well and is recovering at home- Jimmy- in nursing facility- evolving dementia

Eugenia Hilliard- returned to hospital- stage 3 liver sorosis- Returned home

Les Brown- stroke- paralyzed side- begun to recover, moved to rehab

Lori Lassiter- spot found on brain

Nancy Sharp- dementia-mass on right lung- unable to walk

David Sharp- Caring for Nancy

Mary (Frankie) O’Neal- continued complications

Judy Baker- co-worker of Annette’s mom heart surgery

Jerry Straton- Cancer diagnosis- heart

Helen Campbell- fall requiring medical care- cracked pelvis- home soon

Nancy Allred

Eddie Pugh- Leukemia DX

Phillip Walker- brain tumor

Ronnie White- Gayle Williams cousin- returned home

Richard Thomas-Cancer

Carolyn Lowery- Recovering from hip replacement

Luke Cross- Recovering from back surgery- complications during recovery

Cindi Caughron – Kidney transplant-home recovering

Ava Kern- 2-month-old with hole in heart- surgery to come

Donna Brower- cancer

Denzel Paterson- Wayne Coward’s aunt-

Don Taylor- Stage 4 esophageal & stomach cancer

David Buchanan

Gene Smith- Jerry Highfill’s cousin- heart issues

Lela McCaskill- cancer has spread to pancreas

Gary McCaskill- in last stages of life  

Bill Bunting- last living brother

Howard Baker- Buddy’s 1st Cousin- Lost wife of 67 years, 93 and in poor health

Debbie Hammond- Stage four cancer treatment completed- in God’s hands

Lydia Lunsford- Cindy Beasly’s great niece- Newborn screening shows possibility of cystic fibrous- further testing needed

Sherry Collins- Buddy’s Cousin- DX with B12 deficiency, doing better- not out of the woods yet- bone marrow test- allowed to come home

James Peele

Unspoken/Anonymous Requests on hearts

All those who are sick, isolated, or recovering

Health Care Workers in the midst of the world as we know it today