Prayer List

Families of:

Colon Brown

Davis Rutledge- Auto Accident- 22

Phillip Cox

Judy Lowe

Sandra Redding Parris

Keri Millikan Turner

Becky Berman

13 Service Women and Men

William Clay Hunt

Gary Jones

Johnny Smith

Euginia Hilliard

Jack Luther

Lilly Butler

Fred Collins

Roger Highfill

“Don” Clapp

Elmyra Brady

Jefferey Jones- Traffic Accident in Oak Ridge

Zach Williamson- Traffic Accident in Oak Ridge

Prayer Requests:

The Nation as a whole, and our leaders- to make wise and prudent decisions related to our current situations.

Mt. Tabor Community and all WSFC School District

Traveling Mercies

Those affected by Hurricane IDA

Flood Victims

John McWilliam- Mesothelioma DX, surgery/chemo to come

Lachelle Geiger/unborn child

Aubrey Geiger- 5-year-old special needs child- double pneumonia-UNC hospital

Sandra Texley- Breast Cancer

Cindy Hood- eye cancer- pancreatic cancer

Ann Hunt

Beth Lawrance- Lung Cancer

Shelly Coggins- ICU on Ventilator related to COVID dx.

Leigh Ann Skeen- Rotator cuff surgery 14th

Mike Vondra- Cancer in nose- may have to be surgically removed

Cheryl Waymick- Cancer dx- chemo/radiation/surgery

Glen & Nancy Fuller- Cancer dx

Phillip Grubbs- ICU since Aug 9

Mother of Beth Marks

Stephanie Dunn’s Father- Kidney Cancer- both parents moved to assisted living-mother not doing well

Carl Smith- Upcoming Surgery

Gunter Grant- Home recovering

C.W. Smith- Heart Procedure- everything went well

Judy Smith- Chemo Treatments

Kane Lohr- 2 year old- household accident resulting in head injury

Barbra Plotts- Grieving loss of husband

Bill & Carla Toomes- Covid

Steve Williams- Health Concerns

Hailey Philips- Recovering from broken ribs

Tim & Edward Hall- Loss of Parents- Edward Diagnosed with shingles

Sandy & Paul Amos- Covid Diagnosis

Ralph Modlen- Pancreatic Cancer

Ester Highlee- 101 years young- Fall resulting in broken shoulder and pelvis

Geri Shore- Nursing friend- ICU with pneumonia

Barbara Lambeth- diagnosed congestive heart failure- hospitalized

Mike Robbins

Floyd- Open heart surgery

Holland Walker- put back on oxygen

David Caughron- new diagnosis – med changes

Gail Grace- Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis

Brenda Lillard- fall-knee damaged-arthritis in hips

Alexandria Family- loss of 22-year-old sister unexpectedly

Christy White- enduring treatments

Barbara Jackson- recovering from procedure- doing much better

Jake McLamb- Working in Italy for next 6 months

Lacy Shipwash-

Darrel Griffin

Donnie Nease- recovering from surgery

Alexis Goins- brain tumor removal- lots of pain

Michael Griffin- Stage 4 throat cancer- recovering well following hospitalization and surgeries

Annette de Ruyter- pacemaker surgery

Mr. McLoyd- Covid diagnosis with complications

Tammy Glidewell- shingles diagnosis

Jeffery Sivbit- Bone Cancer in spine

Michelle Williams- grieving loss of 26-year-old son

Mike Bowden- growth found

Charles Arnold- stroke

Betsy Arnold-fighting cancer- having complications

Billy Wooten- Dx with Leukemia

Baby Sawyer Mayberry- heart condition found

Cameron Williams- Stage 4 Cancer- spread from brain to liver and leg

Maddille Mitchel- brain tumor removal

Erma Scarlet- moved facilities- adjustment issues

Pam Loftis- Kidney transplant-recovering at home

Dennis Johnson- medical concerns

Elaina Ann Millikan- born at 24 weeks concerns

Charles Beane- Rotator cuff surgery/possible shoulder replacement

Brenda Highfill- back and leg issues- cellulitis

Kaysen Layne Skeen- complications following birth

Brian Kincaid- Caring for parents- having hard time

Jimmy and Judy Kincaid- Judy- heart surgery went well and is recovering at home- Jimmy- in nursing facility- evolving dementia

Les Brown- stroke- paralyzed side- begun to recover, moved to rehab

Lori Lassiter- spot found on brain

Nancy Sharp- dementia-mass on right lung- unable to walk

David Sharp- Caring for Nancy

Mary (Frankie) O’Neal

Judy Baker- co-worker of Annette’s mom heart surgery

Jerry Straton- Cancer diagnosis- heart

Helen Campbell- fall requiring medical care- cracked pelvis- home soon

Eddie Pugh- Leukemia DX

Phillip Walker- brain tumor

Richard Thomas-Cancer

Carolyn Lowery- Recovering from hip replacement

Luke Cross- Recovering from back surgery- complications during recovery

Cindi Caughron – Kidney transplant-home recovering

Ava Kern- 2-month-old with hole in heart- surgery to come

Donna Brower- cancer

Don Taylor- Stage 4 esophageal & stomach cancer

David Buchanan

Gene Smith- Jerry Highfill’s cousin- heart issues

Lela McCaskill- cancer has spread to pancreas

Gary McCaskill- in last stages of life  

Bill Bunting- last living brother

Sherry Collins- New treatment

Howard Baker- Buddy’s 1st Cousin- Lost wife of 67 years, 93 and in poor health

Debbie Hammond- Stage four cancer treatment completed- in God’s hands

Unspoken/Anonymous Requests on hearts

All those who are sick, isolated, or recovering

Health Care Workers in the midst of the world as we know it today